A better way to sell B2B.

Meet buyer demands with a more intuitive, customizable ecommerce platform — built for the unique needs of B2B.

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B2B Edition wins 24/24 medals in 2023 Paradigm B2B Combine.

Modernize your B2B ecommerce experience.

Open-source buyer portal

Bespoke buying experiences: create a customized buyer experience utilizing the source code of our Buyer Portal, minimizing the costs of solving for complex B2B needs.

Company account credit management

Credit payments made easy: manage accounts and credit for your various customer groups from one convenient location.

Payment visibility control

Control B2B sales: manage approved payment options, including purchase orders and credit cards, for a smooth purchasing experience.

Sales rep masquerade

Streamline B2B purchasing: log in on behalf of your company, access shopping lists, add products to cart and place orders seamlessly.

Controlled access

Seamless experiences for all customers: tailored experiences, customizable buyer tiers, and role-based access control on a per-customer basis.

Invoice portal

Accelerate invoicing and payment processing: enable diverse payment methods for faster, more efficient transactions, accelerating invoicing and payment processing.

Multiple storefront locations for localized experiences

Localize with ease: craft buyer-specific experiences across segments, locations, verticals, languages, currencies, and more by easily launching and managing new storefronts from a single back-end.

Seller quoting and discounting

Boost B2B sales: offer personalized pricing options, quotes, and discounts to foster customer loyalty, increase sales, and improve satisfaction.

Shared lists and easy reorders

Increase ordering efficiency: allow buyers to share shopping

Mobile optimized

Grow sales on the go: specialized features built to improve page speed scores, helping to enhance conversion rates no matter how your customers shop.

Custom catalogs and pricing

Customize your customer experience: dictate custom pricing and catalogs for individual customers or customer groups, located behind individual logins.

Headless support

Future-proof your B2B business: MACH architecture, advanced functionality, seamless integration, and personalized experiences through APIs.

Why brands say they moved to B2B Edition.

Integrate the tools you trust.

ERP, OMS, CRM — no problem. Simplify vital integrations with one-click or customize your automation with open APIs.

Improved buyer experience

Launch one-click, pre-built tools including immediate quote generation, user permissions, and re-ordering for a best-in-class B2B customer experience.

Customized shipping

Reduce costs by building customized shipping rates for your B2B customers via our native integration with ShipperHQ, the leading shipping rate rules engine.

Third-party data syncing

Sync data with any third-party tool in your ecosystem leveraging our open and extensible platform.

B2B ecommerce your way.


Manufacturing buyers are different from other consumers, but they still expect modern buying experiences. Deliver an engaging and frictionless journey to gain a competitive advantage.


Simplify with a single front and back end experience for retail and wholesale. Automate customer group management, and customize prices and discounts down to the unique SKU level.

Align with best-in-class B2B partners.

Design and build a beautiful store, improve marketing results and streamline B2B operations. BigCommerce agency partners bring you certified expertise in taking your business to the next level.

“As a fairly complex B2B operation, we needed things like specialized item attributes, custom inputs, an interface with our existing ERP, and custom shipping and handling abilities for our customers. This was no easy task. However, American Eagle made us feel confident and were able to fully execute the vision we had.”

Chris Hiller, General Manager, Berlin Packaging

Migrated from: Offline to Online

“We worked with BigCommerce partner Intuit Solutions, which puts a skin over the BigCommerce one page checkout and rearranges all of the information. Now, there are three columns on the checkout page. There is no scrolling at all. It’s clean and undistracting for the customers. Plus, we can brand it or include up-sells or cross-sells as needed. That's been working very well.”

David Berlach, Co-Founder/Co-Director, Bohemian Traders

Migrated from: Volusion

“BigCommerce is particularly well suited for B2B companies looking for a value-priced, partner-centric, multi-tenant SaaS ecommerce solution to deliver complementary functionality.”


Expand your addressable market, seamlessly.

Sell and manage B2B and DTC from one platform.

Compete with DNVBs

With competition from digitally native vertical brands (DNVBs) heating up, sell directly to customers and take back control of your merchandising and product messaging.

Own your relationships

Directly own customer relations, develop personalized customer experiences and build long-term loyalty.

“Traditionally, we relied on wholesalers to do a lot of our marketing, but going direct-to-consumer has enabled us to share our brand story with customers on our own site and in our own way.”

Heidi Maund, Director of Ecommerce, Natori

More freedom. More sales. Less complexity.

That’s BigCommerce B2B Edition.