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BigCommerce knows B2B — and we’re bringing you new tools to elevate the buyer experience and maximize sales with the latest in customization, localization, quoting functionality, and more.

Explore the new B2B Buyer Portal.

🟢 Available

Give your B2B buyers all the information they need for seamless transactions and transform the buyer experience with more customization options than ever before.

Customize with our Open Source Buyer Portal.

🔵 Coming soon

Create your bespoke Buyer Portal experience by starting with the source code of our Buyer Portal, minimizing the costs of solving for complex B2B needs.

Centralize invoices.

🟢 Available

Provide buyers with a holistic view of invoices and quickly identify outstanding balances and bulk pay multiple invoices to simplify the payment process. Learn more

Drive mobile conversions for buyers on the go.

🟢 Available

Boost sales with new mobile enhancements. Our optimized Buyer Portal has improved mobile page speed scores, helping enhance conversion rates anywhere buyers shop.

Go from shopping lists to quotes in one click.

🟢 Available

Convert select items into a new quote request at the click of a button and enable buyers to reuse lists across company accounts — ideal for project-based businesses where shopping lists are created before a quote. Learn more

Power headless with B2B GraphQL.

🟢 Available

Enjoy full access to the same data and tools powering the Buyer Portal via our new storefront Buyer Portal GraphQL API. Read the dev docs

Enable Buyer Portal on headless storefronts.

🟢 Available

Going headless with B2B shouldn’t require starting from scratch. Enable Buyer Portal functionalities on your headless storefronts via the Javascript API.

Customize permissions for new accounts.

🟢 Available

Explore enhanced control settings for newly registered companies, like who can view products, pricing, and/or place orders, as well as fully customizable notifications to buyers. Learn more

“With BigCommerce B2B Edition, we are able to provide our members all the B2B functionality necessary for purchasing while offering the visual, content-focused experience that gives the feel of a B2C site. We’re confident knowing we have a flexible and customizable platform that addresses all of our business needs.

Scott Ferguson, VP, United Aqua Group

Localize your global B2B experiences.

🟢 available

Modern B2B buyers expect a localized experience, so we’ve made it effortless for buyers to transact in their languages and currencies with channel-specific overrides.

Tailor your storefront translations.

🟢 Available

Customize every text string visible in the Buyer Portal for each storefront using our translation management feature and optimize the B2B purchasing journey for each locale.

Localize product catalogs with ease.

🟢 Available

For brands expanding internationally with localization settings enabled, localized catalog content can be extended to your B2B Buyer Portal. Learn more

Equip sales teams with localized quotes.

🟢 Available

Quickly and easily render quote PDFs in eight different languages to better support sales teams as they work with prospects across the world. Learn more

“BigCommerce has allowed us to grow from a small, local operation to serving a global audience.

The native functionality of the platform and having a seamless integration to our ERP is a game changer for us.”

Eddie Grovu, Head of Ecommerce and Digital, Toolden

Minimize quoting complexities.

🟢 available

Explore new buyer and sales quote features to help streamline the quoting process and tackle operational complexities.

Customize shipping costs for B2B quotes.

🟢 Available

Sales reps can now override shipping methods and costs, which are maintained through to the buyers' checkout. Learn more

Get access to even more products for quotes.

🟢 Available

Sell catalog-only products or price-protected products with approval. Products that are only purchasable through the quoting process are now available in the Buyer Portal. Learn more

Control which quotes are immediately purchasable.

🟢 Available

Give your sales reps quoting flexibility in one click to determine whether or not a specific quote should be available for purchase immediately. Learn more

Customize quotes with deal-specific pricing.

🟢 Available

Easily adjust your quote pricing based on each specific deal and product. Learn more

Add tags to quotes for easy filtering.

🔵 Coming soon

Add your own tags to quotes and build tag-based workflows to enable quick filtering and helpful reminders.

Enhance quote forms with extra fields.

🔵 Coming soon

Add extra fields to your quote form with visibility options at the field level. Use these extra fields to collect information for quote requests, or for internal use only.

Implement new trigger-based quote emails.

🔵 Coming soon

Promptly notify your buyers and sales reps throughout the negotiation process with six new, customizable trigger-based quote notification emails.

“The strengths of our original store have not only been successfully retained, but also enriched with a specific-target customer approach.

The new technology simplifies our daily work with many useful functions. It’s a real game changer.”

Rene Clobes, Digital Marketing Manager, Expresso

Explore new credit capabilities.

🟢 Available

Credit availability functionality enables you to better sync a buying company’s credit availability and their online account from your system of record. Automatically limit purchases when credit thresholds are exceeded.

Enable credit availability.

🟢 Available

Selectively enable credit at the company level with defined currencies and maximum credit available.

Limit purchasing ability.

🟢 Available

Limit the ability to place orders via terms or purchase orders when the credit value is exceeded.

Create credit holds.

🟢 Available

Stop purchases for all buyers at a company when the account is flagged as being on a credit hold.

Synchronize credit availability.

🟢 Available

Use the new credit availability endpoints to keep your company accounts credit availability up to date and synced with your back-office ERP.

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