Spend 20,000 to open a network CES? Demystifying the technical chain behind “beautiful dealer online licensing”

In recent years, in order to seek greater benefits illegally, criminal gangs have used emerging technologies and Internet platforms to use games, live broadcasts, and financial management as a cover to mix multiple criminal methods such as “gambling”, “pornography”, and “fraud”. The modus operandi has become increasingly diversified, and at the same time some gang members have moved overseas, which has brought new difficulties to the supervision and crackdown of relevant law enforcement agencies.

According to data, in the first half of 2020, public security agencies across the country have detected 257 cross-border gambling cases, arrested more than 11,500 criminal suspects, destroyed 368 gambling platforms and 148 technical teams, and destroyed 187 payment platforms and underground banks. Ming involved more than 229 billion funds.

The security team of the Tencent Guardian Program conducted a classified study on the “ten typical cases of combating cross-border gambling crimes in the first half of 2020” announced by the Ministry of Public Security, and found that 46% of the cases were related to the “technology chain”; at the same time, The “technical supply chain” of the black production of online gambling reduces the development and operating costs of gambling websites, and is the backbone of the entire online gambling, running through all chains of the entire industry.

The cost of opening an online casino is less than 20,000 yuan, and the “technology supply chain” lowers the operating threshold

With the development of Internet technology, criminals have extended the “gambling table” from offline to online. Early online gambling was limited by technical level and labor cost pressure. The gameplay was usually simple and single, mostly in the form of “lottery, horse racing” and other forms. A single form of gambling often only attracts some regular users, such as “fan groups” who have the habit of buying sports lottery.

In recent years, the operation mode of online gambling has shown a trend of professionalization, intelligence, and cross-border, forming a complete chain of “technology chain, capital chain, personnel chain, promotion chain” and other upstream and downstream links, with fine division of labor between each link. , Close cooperation; At the same time, illegal groups combined with the current cutting-edge technology to iteratively upgrade the application, deriving such as “AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality) casino”, “beauty dealer licensing online gaming table”, “live broadcast platform” “Embedded gambling games” and other new types of new methods, using the screen, strong experience of interaction and the dual stimulation of mind and body to attract more gamblers to participate.

All of these have put forward higher requirements for the “technical capabilities” of online gambling organizers. At the same time, they have also spawned an online gambling “technical supply chain” dedicated to serving online gambling organizers and dedicated to lowering operating thresholds and increasing operating profits.

When the security team of Tencent Guardian Project assisted the public security organs in cracking multiple online gambling cases, they concluded that the large-scale gambling company that had removed their heads now has the usual number of small and medium-sized “technical supply chain” teams of small and medium-sized online gambling played by most gambling players No more than 30 people.

Among these 30 people, 20% of the technical staff are the “casino team”. The “casino team” has used years of offline gambling operation experience to abstract a large number of “mathematical models” to realize the core functions of the online gambling platform. At the same time, they It can also design “sign-issuing behaviors” such as “back-end modification of winning rate”; the remaining 80% of the technical personnel are “packet network team”, which can provide “integrated online gambling solutions”, including early-stage gambling The secondary development of the core functions of the platform forms the construction of a gambling APP, a complete platform architecture, the purchase of hardware such as servers, CDNs, and network services, as well as a complete after-sales service.

In other words, with the assistance of the “technical supply chain”, online gambling operators can easily open an online gambling platform without having any professional knowledge or setting up a development team. Buying a set of online gambling APP code with complex structure and complete functions usually only needs to pay 20,000 to 20,000 yuan, but you can make high profits by relying on it illegally.

At the same time, the “gambling technology supply chain” has also developed a “one-click deployment process” through the “quick deployment tool” to help online gambling organizers reduce time costs, complete code deployment in the most convenient and efficient way, and realize the rapid launch of online gambling platforms .

An expert on the security team of Tencent’s Guardian Program, through the refined development and division of labor in the “technical supply chain” and the use of quick deployment tools, the technical threshold of online gambling has dropped rapidly, and the cost of capital, manpower, and time has dropped sharply. More people have joined the operation of online gambling black property for profit.

Online gambling refurbishment, we should be alert to legitimate online services being used by hacked products

If the server of an online gambling platform is set up overseas, it is easy to cause problems such as delayed response of the domestic user system and unstable data reading; and the new forms of online gambling such as “live + gambling” and “game + gambling” will affect the capacity of the platform. , Response speed also has a higher demand. Therefore, some criminal gangs have begun to use the technology of legitimate network services to serve gambling, such as using “CDN acceleration technology” to improve website response speed, reduce user waiting time, and improve the fineness of pictures.

CDN is a content distribution network, and its basic principle is to provide content acceleration services for websites through global cache servers. CDN nodes are like convenience stores scattered in various communities, quickly satisfying the shopping needs of users in this area. Its biggest advantage lies in its ability to solve queuing problems and improve access speed, so it has a wide range of applications in live broadcasting, finance, APP distribution, portal websites, and online video.

However, the Ministry of Public Security’s investigation during the investigation and handling of the case found that CDN acceleration technology has begun to be used by black production gangs to increase access speed in illegal activities such as online gambling, pornographic videos, pornographic live broadcasts, intellectual property infringements, and illegal payment and settlement.

In assisting in cutting off the “technical chain” of online gambling, Tencent has mainly implemented the following measures: conduct a comprehensive access verification of user access in advance, such as the filing of access websites, real names, etc.; continuous optimization of platform strategies during the event , Refuse to provide services for discovered gambling and other illegal products, and respond to and feedback users’ reports in the first time; relying on Tencent’s products to improve security capabilities, such as Tencent mobile phone butler, etc., will be carried out during the process of users installing illegal gambling apps. Strong risk warning.

So said that the work of Internet companies or the crackdown by public security organs is far from enough. It is recommended that manufacturers should optimize multi-dimensional risk control strategies, improve risk inspection and monitoring capabilities, and strengthen users’ actual operations. Early warning, protection and anti-gambling propaganda; at the same time, it also calls on relevant departments to determine the boundaries of rights and obligations between the technology platform and customers through laws, regulations, and industry norms to promote the improvement of governance effectiveness. Overall, it is better to not play in an illegal online gambling platform. If you really want to play online gambling, you should do more research about the website you are interest in is weather illegal or not. There are still some legal and reliable online casino Singapore out there that you can trust.