Cut down on operational costs.

Minimize headaches, maximize efficiency. Explore new tools to streamline operations and provide a better, more secure backend.

Work more efficiently with improved Control Panel navigation.

🔵 Coming soon

New navigation in the BigCommerce Control Panel offers a sleek and modern design, with expandable subnav to make scanning and browsing a breeze. Plus, a new top bar makes it easy to search your store, view your storefront, switch between stores, and more.

Stay secure on the platform you can trust.

New certifications for ISO 27017 (Cloud Security), ISO 27018 (Cloud Privacy), and compliance with the European Union’s Digital Services Act (DSA) means BigCommerce is your platform for the long run.

ISO 27017: Cloud Security Certification

🟢 Available

BigCommerce is now ISO 27017 certified. ISO 27017 focuses on implementing robust information security controls specifically tailored for cloud services underscoring our commitment to the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data in cloud environments.

ISO 27018: Cloud Privacy Certification

🟢 Available

BigCommerce is now ISO 27018 certified. ISO 27018 focuses on safeguarding personally identifiable information (PII) in cloud computing environments. This certification ensures the highest levels of privacy and data protection for our customers' sensitive information.

European Union's Digital Services Act (DSA)

🟢 Available

BigCommerce is now fully compliant with the European Union's Digital Services Act (DSA). By complying with the DSA, we aim to contribute to a safer and more trustworthy online environment for our users in the European Union.

PCI DSS 4.0 compliance

🔵 coming soon

PCI DSS 4.0 brings more emphasis on cloud security and service providers, stronger risk management practices, updated authentication requirements, and improved detection and response procedures.

“BigCommerce makes sure that everything is secure. We don't have to worry about our site being hacked or maintaining it. Also, it helps to have BigCommerce on the backend, so we can focus on selling products.”

Chelsey Eggert, Director of Operations, BB Wheels

Make the most of our product catalog.

Customize product tables, optimize product management, employ bulk operations, and enjoy faster category assignment with our latest product catalog enhancements.

Streamlined category management interface.

🟢 Available

Explore our improved drag-and-drop experience, the ability to rearrange categories, bulk selection of categories, and updating category creation. Learn more

Use ShipperHQ with catalog import/export tool.

🟢 Available

Our catalog import/export tool now supports ShipperHQ attributes to help you manage shipping groups, origin location, and dimensional rules for every product. Learn more

Leverage our new inventory import/export tool.

🟢 Available

Bulk manage your inventory across one or multiple locations with a dedicated CVS import/export tool. Update inventory levels for safety, low, and available stock, and bin picking numbers (BPN). Learn more

Manage even the most complex catalogs.

⚫️ waitlist

Through the shared options and modifiers API, create, and manage complex products with different variations and customizations, plus build integrations with third-party catalog management systems. Works with v3 Add/Edit Catalogs only. Join the waitlist

Unleash creativity with BigAI™ Copywriter.

🟢 Available

Using generative AI, craft compelling, SEO-optimized product descriptions in your brand voice and tone. Try different copy and content styles to see what works best for your business. Get started

Harness the power of data with BigAI™ Predictive Analytics.

🔵 coming soon

Using Google BigQuery ML, get predictive analytics, like predicting the future lifetime value of new shoppers. This is built on top of our existing native Google BigQuery integration. Learn more

Simplify and streamline invoices.

⚫️ waitlist

Reduce unnecessary overhead with automated billing. Instead of receiving multiple invoices from individual app partners, get an all-inclusive BigCommerce invoice. Join the waitlist

Increase security with user permissions.

⚫️ waitlist

Manage access and permissions across individual users, groups, partners, and storefronts, with a powerful yet easy-to-use enterprise-grade interface and API. Join the waitlist

Create manual and draft orders with ease.

🔵 coming soon

Thanks to a new single page design and fresh look, multi-storefront stores can now build manual and draft orders against a specific storefront channel.

Manage your business from anywhere.

Operate on the go with the BigCommerce mobile app, available for both Apple iOS and Android. Analyze sales trends, update your catalog, or create and track shipments from anywhere.

Effortlessly create new shipments.

🔵 coming soon

Streamline order fulfillment with our enhanced Create Shipment feature, available for both Apple iOS and Android. Scan product barcodes for fast, accurate order packing and tracking.

Make login easier and more secure with passkeys.

🟢 Available

Available for both Apple iOS and Android, passkeys eliminate the need to remember complex passwords, replacing them with convenient biometric authentication like fingerprint or facial recognition.

“We've never had any restrictions, so our growth on BigCommerce has always been massive. We've got a pretty cool trajectory and our growth has been quite impressive. We've stuck with it and haven't had any situations where we felt limited by the platform.”

Sam Morton, Founder and Director, SKDA Moto Creative

Stay secure with checkout script integrity protection.

🟢 Available

Get a head start on PCI DSS 4.0 requirements by protecting the integrity of your scripts. URL scripts in Script Manager now support up to five SRI (Subresource Integrity) hashes used by the browser to authorize the resources they’re fetching.

Get improved security for UPS shipping.

🔵 coming soon

Our native UPS integration now supports OAuth 2.0 for enhanced security and fraud prevention.

Access merchant observability logs.

🟢 Available

Need to keep historical logs or run advanced analysis on logs for store activity and API access? Receive them in a custom Google Cloud Storage account or Amazon S3 bucket.

Make data-driven decisions, powered by Google.

Put your data to work with Google Analytics, Google’s secure data warehouse BigQuery, and visualizations with pre-built reports in Google Looker Studio.

Explore new Google Analytics 4 capabilities.

🟢 Available

Our Google Analytics 4 integration now features 12 comprehensive data events ranging from promotion views to checkout completion. We've added server-side eventing, starting with the refund event, with more enhancements planned. Native support for Google's Consent Mode assists with data compliance while optimizing for business growth. Learn more

Utilize new customer and inventory datasets in Google BigQuery.

🟢 Available

We’re continually advancing our Google BigQuery integration with new data sets for customer groups and multi-location inventory four times a day. Discover more

Access multi-location inventory reports in Google Looker Studio.

🟢 Available

Unlock powerful multi-location inventory insights with the new customizable Google Looker Studio report. Analyze sales data by location, understand customer pickup preferences, and optimize stock levels using sell-through metrics to boost efficiency and profitability. Get started

“From an IT perspective, the project has allowed us to step back slightly from worrying about day-to-day ecommerce trading, because before, we were handling every element of the technology stack. Launching on BigCommerce has allowed the ecommerce department to focus on what they should be focusing on: selling.”

Michael Gray, Head of IT, Rohan

Streamline operations with featured apps.

Enhancement: StagingPro staging and publishing platform

Now, when newly created stores are provisioned to your BigCommerce account, the user associated with your account's email address will default as the store owner. The appropriate account to user mappings are created and effectively functioning.

Enhancement: Noibu storefront and checkout monitoring

With Noibu monitoring solution, find storefront errors faster, prioritize them, and ultimately resolve them — that means faster store launches and higher performing and converting storefronts.

Enhancement: ShipStation native label printing

ShipStation has launched Native Label Printing, giving you the ability to access ShipStation and generate shipping labels directly from the BigCommerce Control Panel, offering a streamlined workflow.

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